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Tailored Life Insurance Cover Taking South Africa By Storm

Parents across South Africa are discovering new ways to safeguard their families' financial future.

Up to R10 million cover - Check for how much cover you qualify

Make the best choice for your family - Simply customize your cover

No Medical Test Required* - save time at purchasing stage

Leaving a legacy and looking after the ones you love for life is all about planning.

Many South Africans without life insurance policies could potentially expose their families to worrying financial problems if they pass away.

Thousands of families across the country are at risk of being left behind with the financial burden of mortgage repayments, child care costs and living expenses.

Particularly at risk are the families that rely on just one income, who may not be prepared if the principal breadwinner passes away - and there’s very little support from the government available.

Given the peace of mind and security that Life Cover provides, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking to find the right cover for their family.

Make the best choice for your family - customize your cover to your needs. You can include salary protection, critical illness, disability cover and even an accelerated pay-out to aid with funeral expenses.

Unfortunately, Life Insurance policies are different and may have strict criteria. For instance, to qualify for some, you must be:

  1. Under 65
  2. A South African citizen
  3. Currently employed

Life Cover Gives You The Power of Choice

Stangen’s Life Cover offers a range of different options and benefits, such as:

  1. Up to R10 million cover - Qualify for up to R10 million cover that will look after your loved ones.
  2. Customize your cover to suit your needs - Extend your cover to include salary protection, critical illness, disability cover and adding an accelerated pay-out to aid with funeral expenses.
  3. No waiting period - You can get the cover you need as soon as possible.
  4. No Medical Exams - To save you time, there are no medical exams required at purchasing stage as we rely on medical questions and answers only.*
  5. Accelerated Funeral benefit - With this benefit, Stangen will accelerate a payment from your total life cover to your beneficiaries to assist with funeral expenses, whilst completing the rest of the claims assessment.

There is no way to insure against the emotional toil of grief, but it is possible and easy to take away the financial stress.

What does my Life Cover do?

Life cover is pretty straightforward: when you pass away, the cover amount (or sum assured) is paid out to whoever you choose (your beneficiaries). With life cover in place, you can be sure that your family and financial commitments will be taken care of when you are not there to do so.

What can my Life Cover be used for? And how much can I buy?

Your beneficiaries can choose what to use it for. For example, settling personal debts, family debts, medical bills, paying school fees and more.

Depending on the outcome of your application (underwriting) , you can qualify for Life Cover of between R100 000 and R10 million.

How to Get a Quote

We know how important it is for you to find the right plan for you and your family, and we want you to get the best possible deal.

Stangen has experience in helping people get covered.

Simply do the following 2 steps and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Step 1:Click your location on the map below to get your FREE quote.
  • Step 2:Once you answer a few simple questions, one of our experienced consultants will give you a quick call to assist you with a formal quotation.