Last updated 10th July 2018

Many Brits Are Discovering the Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Many Brits are using private health insurance to skip NHS queues

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1000s of Brits are finding alternatives to lengthy hospital queues and taking control of their own healthcare.

With NHS waiting times increasing1, and people marching in the streets over its future, there's a huge amount of concern among patients about the level medical care currently on offer.

The NHS treats more patients than ever before, but lacks the necessary staff.1 Many are losing confidence and trying to find a different way to guarantee the treatment that they and their loved ones need.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Thousands of people have already turned to personal health insurance, which could offer a much superior service.

Why should I consider Health Insurance?

Health insurance helps cover the cost of your medical expenses. It could be an affordable way to get personalised cover for your medical needs.

Plans vary to suit you, covering simple diagnoses up to more serious illnesses. It could provide you with the reassurance that you could seek immediate attention so your condition doesn’t worsen.

Private healthcare means almost no waiting lists and some of the best possible care.

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Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

  1. Avoid long NHS waiting lists - with the NHS missing their targets, it’s a very real possibility that you could be waiting hours for treatments, or months for surgery. This stressful situation can be avoided by using health insurance and skipping the queues.
  2. Receive personalised care - private doctors and nurses often have more time for their patients. This means you could get more personal attention.
  3. Get a private room in a private hospital - recovery is often as psychological as physical. It’s important to be in a clean, calm environment. Compared to many hectic NHS facilities, private hospitals can offer this alternative, plus flexible visiting hours, private rooms and ensuite bathrooms.
  4. Receive the treatment you want to pay for - NHS care can be limited by government budgets. This often plays a part in deciding on a patient’s care. With insurance you decide and won't miss out on the treatment you need.

Take control of your healthcare. Get Personal Health Insurance and skip the NHS waiting list today.

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Who should I work with?

Experts in Money finds medical insurance providers in your local area. Our free online tool is designed to make it quick and easy to find a plan tailored to your personal needs.

Simply follow these steps

  • Step 1 - Click your location on the map below.
  • Step 2 - Answer a few simple questions.
  • Step 3 -We’ll find an insurance provider for you.
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