Last updated 14th November 2016

Brilliant Funeral Insurance Sweeping the UK

How funeral costs are set to rise by 53% in 4 years - and what you can do to fight back.

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Over half a million people have acted fast to protect their loved ones from having a hefty bill to pay.

Funeral costs are rising at a shocking rate – and your loved ones could be left to shoulder the bill.

Insuring your funeral used to be rare a decade ago. However, due to the ballooning costs, over 500,000 people have rushed to ‘lock in’ current prices and safeguard themselves against the future.

Nowadays, funerals cost an average of £8,126. This is including flowers, catering, and estate administration costs, which the government refuses to pay. However, the forecast for these expenses is jaw-dropping, with reports estimating that by 2020 they could have increased by 53% - to around £12,500.*

A funeral plan can protect you from this. Relieving you and your loved ones from financial and emotional stress, it will guarantee the cost of your funeral won't rocket upwards over time. If there’s no money saved up, or your life insurance doesn’t cover it, your relatives will have to pay these huge expenses. Luckily, there’s one simple solution.

How Does it Work?

  1. Just a few pounds a week for cover. Funeral plans are surprisingly cheap, and for the worry they relieve it’s a tiny cost.
  2. No medical. You almost certainly won’t need any health check, and sign-up is utterly hassle-free. It takes a few minutes – then you’re covered.
  3. Freedom of choice. You can select a solicitor and funeral director to tailor your plan to you.
  4. Peace of mind. Remove unnecessary stress for you and your family. By pre-paying for a funeral plan you can put all worry to one side.
  5. Freeze your price against future rises. With funerals costs set to hit £12,500 in just 5 years, now is the time to take action.
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